A1 Lighting protection provides lightning Rods for business or homes.

Each year thousands of St Louis homes and other properties are destroyed or damaged by lightning strikes. Unprotected homes risk the possibility of damage by fire, explosions or electrical surges. Personal injury frequently occurs in an unprotected house which has been struck.

An A1LP lightning protection system includes proper materials, correctly installed according to the best protective science, will guard your family for the lifetime of the house when properly maintained. An improper system or a system that is not properly installed may not protect your home, it may even contribute to the loss of the house if it is struck. Therefore, it is very important that you contact a professional, qualified to design and install a certified lightning protection system uniquely special to your St Louis area home.

About Us

At A1 Lightning Protection, we have been installing lightning protection systems in the St Louis, St Charles County and surrounding areas since 1970. We are, in fact, certified by the Lightning Protection Institute which guarantees that specific national codes.

Residential Services

A professionally installed lightning protection system by A1 Lightning Protection will include many components. Each component works together creating an intricate network of protection for structures from lightning damage.

Commercial Services

Many commercial and industrial property owners are choosing lightning protection systems for their structures as part of the overall security package to protect property, inventory, electrical equipment, and precious human life.