Commercial Services

"Each year, lightning causes $4-$5 billion in losses within the United States."
- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

"What's not reported is the loss of business, downtime, and liability when business or commercial tenants are forced to shut down to repair lightning damage."
- Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL)

Many commercial and industrial property owners are choosing lightning protection systems for their structures as part of the overall security package to protect property, inventory, electrical equipment, and precious human life. Numerous commercial insurance companies require a lightning protection system and/or offer a discount on the owner's insurance policy.

A properly installed and maintained lightning protection system provides structural protection from direct lightning strikes and helps prevent the devastation caused by lightning damage, such as fire and even explosions. Each system component works together, creating an intricate network of structural protection. The key components are strike termination devices (i.e. lightning rods), conductors, bonds, ground terminations, and surge protection devices. Download our Commercial Brochure for more information.

To provide quality assurance of the lightning protection system installation, A1 Lightning Protection provides third-party inspections and certifications by qualified ETL inspectors of the Lightning Protection Institute-Inspection Program. This industry standard in certification lets project planners and property owners know that the structure's lightning protection system complies with all governing standards as written by the LPI 175, NFPA 780 and UL 96A.